Hello and welcome to the Chirpy Toddler!  I’m Isabelle and The Chirpy Toddler is my blog about playing, traveling and living with a toddler. I started this blog so I could share and connect with other like minded DIY, crafty, Pinterest types.  I also started this blog to inspire others and most importantly for my own sanity!

 The Chirpy ToddlerBeing a stay at home mom can be very repetitive, lonely and mind numbing.  I needed something to do! I love researching EVERYTHING, looking for new inspiration, and reading about others experiences.  Since I was already finding great ideas, tips, and tricks a blog seemed like the perfect solution.  This blog has motivated my creative side and learning the technicalities of blogging has been great for my mom brain.

I hope you find my blog to be useful, inspiring, and helpful.   For a complete disclosure of The Chirpy Toddler’s privacy policies and disclosures please click here –> (policies and disclosures).  If you would like to contact me please email me, Isabelle, at ChirpyToddler@gmail.com or click here –> (contact me)

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