Breaking Crayons and Melting Them Back Together

Melting crayons directions

Crayons come and crayons go, so breaking crayons is fine as far as I am concerned.  My toddler is allowed to break his crayons or use them in any other way he sees fit.  Some people are really bothered by kids breaking crayons and see it as a “blatant act of destruction.” I don’t see it that way.  IMO, crayons are simply a tool and their use is only limited by the user’s imagination.

“Using our tools as prescribed, teaches us only to follow instructions, not to think, not to create and therefore limits the possibility of discovery.”


My toddler has a set of crayons that we do not break and keep nice (at the moment) and he also has a box of crayons that are his to do what he wants with. If my toddler wants to spend an hour breaking crayons, peeling the paper off and driving the crayons around in his dump truck GREAT! If he wants to roll them off the table one by one or any other thing that doesn’t actually involve coloring I am all for it.  As long as he is entertained, not damaging the house in the process, or putting them in his mouth he has my approval. 

With all that said, we have a lot of broken crayons!  We also have these silicone molds I bought to make jello and frozen yogurt bites in.  Put the two together (broken crayons + silicone molds) and crayons just got even more fun.  

Breaking Crayons and Melting Them Back Together

  1. Preheat the oven to 275 degrees fahrenheit
  2. I had my toddler gather up all the crayons from his “broken crayon box” that didn’t have any paper on them.
  3. Place the silicone molds on a cookie sheet and fill them with the broken crayons.
  4. Heat for 10 – 30 minutes depending on the size of the mold.
  5. Once completely melted remove from the oven and let them thoroughly cool.


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I wasn’t sure what to expect when we first tried this.  The first go around took about ten minutes for the lego bricks and lego guys to melt.  However, once the crayons melted I realized I needed more crayons to fill the mold completely.  I added more crayons to the already melted wax and popped them back in the oven for another 10 minutes.  That did the trick.  For the cars it took about 30 minutes for the crayons to completely melt.   We let them cool off for a couple hours and they popped right out.

The “new” crayons are a total hit!  My toddler colored with them for approximately one minute and has used them for every other thing since.  He is driving the cars around, stacking the bricks and marching the lego guys from place to place. Breaking crayons is so much fun and now we have a fun way to melt them back together again.  


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