framed tiny handprint keepsake

Framed Tiny Handprint Keepsake

This framed tiny handprint keepsake project has been occupying all the space on my mantle for over a week.  The tracing and cutting of the handprint is the easy part.  What comes after that is 72 hours of waiting for the handprint to dry.  And Read More

Monster Cut Out Photo Prop and Bean Bag Toss Game

Monster Cut Outs and Bean Bag Toss

I made these monster cut outs for photo props at my son’s monster themed birthday party.  As a bonus the monster cut outs also served as a bean bag toss game.  I only had nap times to work on these so they took a few days to make. Read More

Why I Love you door

Why I Love You Door For Valentine’s Day

A Why I Love You Door is the perfect way to show your toddler some love this Valentine’s Day.  Starting February 1st until Valentine’s Day, write a reason you love your child on a heart and put it on their bedroom door.  On Valentine’s Day they will have Read More

Create a free digital baby book

Create a Free Digital Baby Book

My mom kept a baby book for me and I love that such a thing exists.  I always look through it when I visit her house.  The moments and milestones my mom recorded are even more special to me now that I am a mom. Read More


Learning Tower Gives Toddlers Independence

I’m in the kitchen putting the ingredients for pancakes on the counter and here comes my little one chanting, “me do it, me do it.” as he climbs his learning tower.  I know he has no idea what exactly it is he wants to do, but Read More

Turkey sweet potato nuggets

Turkey Sweet Potato Nuggets

This turkey sweet potato nuggets recipe is one of my favorite toddler foods.  As a mom, I am constantly negotiating with my toddler to eat something other than meat or cheese.  Luckily, these turkey sweet potato nuggets have it all.  They are a good source Read More

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

Double chocolate zucchini muffins are something I wish I had discovered years ago! I would of been eating them all this time.  Turns out my toddler is also very fond of them and we had lots of fun making them together.  My toddler was obsessively talking Read More

Breakfast Popsicles

Breakfast Popsicles

Breakfast Popsicles are a delicious and wholesome snack to have on hand when you want to give your toddler something healthy to eat.   These are also really fun to make with the help of your toddler.  I get the ingredients ready and let my Read More