8 tips for flying alone with an infant

Tips For Flying Alone With An Infant

Flying alone with an infant can be terrifying, especially the first time.  Okay, traveling with an infant anytime can be terrifying!  You never know what you are going to get and on top of it the GEAR! There is so much stuff you need to Read More

ridesafer travel vest

Lighten Your Travels Using the RideSafer Travel Vest

Travel is so much lighter now that my kid is big enough to use the RideSafer travel vest.  Traveling with a car seat has been quite an evolution from infancy to three years old.   In the early days I dragged the car seat from the car to Read More

Surviving long flights with a toddler

Long flights with a toddler

Several months ago my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Vietnam.  I looked into the flights and couldn’t for the life of me get excited about taking such long flights  with a toddler. The only other time I have been on a plane Read More

Is Flying to Thailand with a toddler crazy?

Is flying to Thailand with a toddler crazy?

During an insomnia filled night I signed us up for Thailand.  So now we are going to fly a total of 18 hours with a two year old to Thailand.  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that I would want to do this.  We have Read More

Keep your back seat cool with the noggle.

Keep Your Back Seat Cool with the Noggle

The Noggle is a personal cooling device that works better than expected to keep your back seat cool.  I have been using the Noggle for over two years to keep the back seat cool for my toddler.   This is a quality product that has held Read More