Flower Part Sorting

Flower Part Sorting

We are in Thailand for one month and  brought a suitcase full of things to do.   But after two weeks here we already need more things to do.  So I set up a flower part sorting activity using flowers from some bushes outside.  There are Read More

Digger costume

A Digger Costume Can’t Be Bought

Someone asked my toddler what he was going to be for Halloween and he said, “A digger.”  Surely there was some type of digger costume I could buy.  I started looking for something and I couldn’t find anything.  I figured he would forget about it Read More

Sticker removal hack for little fingers

Easy Sticker Removal Hack For Little Fingers

My toddler loves playing with stickers, but removing stickers can be really tough sometimes.  I’ve watched him get frustrated because his little fingers can’t get the stickers off.  There are times I even have a hard time getting stickers off the sheet.  Then one day Read More

Two Ingredient Yogurt Play Putty

Yogurt Play Putty

When I saw marshmallow play dough I couldn’t wait to make it! It looked so gooey and different and fun.  I always use the same play dough recipe so I thought this would be a fun way to mix things up.  Oh how wrong I Read More

Create a free digital baby book

Create a Free Digital Baby Book

My mom kept a baby book for me and I love that such a thing exists.  I always look through it when I visit her house.  The moments and milestones my mom recorded are even more special to me now that I am a mom. Read More

3D Cardboard Busy Town for Toddlers

Fold Away 3D Cardboard Busy Town

My toddlers books have been kept stacked in baskets since the beginning of his time.  I wanted his books on a bookshelf but I could never decide on one I liked.  Finally, I picked one that was good enough.  He is really pleased with being Read More


Learning Tower Gives Toddlers Independence

I’m in the kitchen putting the ingredients for pancakes on the counter and here comes my little one chanting, “me do it, me do it.” as he climbs his learning tower.  I know he has no idea what exactly it is he wants to do, but Read More

Stair Slide becomes a climbing wall

Stair Slide Becomes a Climbing Wall

The stair slide kept my toddler’s attention for a few rides.  What brought his interest back was when I cut hand and foot holes in the cardboard and converted our stair slide into a climbing wall.  To make the stair slide you will need: lots Read More

Do-a-dot art bingo daubers for toddlers

Do-a-Dot Art Bingo Daubers for Toddlers

I bought this do-a-dot art kit and planned on taking it with us on vacation.  My toddler was yearning for attention or something fabulous to do and I needed to finish cooking dinner.  So, reluctantly, I dipped into my vacation stash and got out this Read More

Make a toddler sized miniature golf course

Toddler Size Miniature Golf Course

At our favorite place for random items, the dollar store, we found a plastic putter and golf ball.  On our last road trip we stayed at a “motel” that had a miniature golf course.  My toddler had fun running around on it and he hit Read More